CHEMCAD on Intel-based Apple Computers

HOUSTON, TX (July 26, 2006) - Chemstations, Inc., makers of the CHEMCAD suite of chemical process simulation software, today announced that CHEMCAD can run on Intel-based Apple computers.

Users have two options for running CHEMCAD on this type of computer:

  • Install Apple Bootcamp to dual-boot Windows XP SP2, then install and run CHEMCAD in the Windows XP partition.
  • Install the Parallels desktop, then run a virtual machine installation of Windows, while running OS X. CHEMCAD may be installed to the virtual machine in Parallels.

Either of these options requires use of a USB dongle, or network licensing. Chemstations technical support engineers have successfully tested USB dongles on an Intel DualCore Mac Mini running Windows XP SP2 in Bootcamp, and in Parallels.