Chemstations Releases CHEMCAD 7

HOUSTON, TX (February 29, 2016) - Chemstations, Inc., makers of the CHEMCAD suite of chemical process simulation software, today announced the release of CHEMCAD 7.0.

In keeping with Chemstations' long history of addressing changes in the chemical process industry and updating its software to reflect these changes, this release adds even more comprehensive and intuitive features to the CHEMCAD 6 process simulation tools.

Highlights of CHEMCAD 7.0 include:

  • Major improvements to the CHEMCAD reporting engine
  • Addition of CAPE-OPEN connection to HTRI Xchanger Suite (trademark of Heat Transfer Research, Inc.)
  • Updated and expanded DIPPR equations
  • Implementation of VBA 7.1
  • Simplification of the .msi and .exe CHEMCAD installation process
  • Better Gibbs reactor calculations for liquid reactions, which include activity coefficients
  • Ability to select the equation to use when regressing pure component data


About Chemstations, Inc.

Chemstations, Inc. is a worldwide leader in process simulation software, supplying the process industries and associated fields. Chemstations offers the CHEMCAD suite, several individually licensed and tightly integrated technologies, to increase the productivity and profitability of the chemical engineer's tasks. CHEMCAD is actively used by more than 800 organizations around the world. For more information, visit our website ( or call 800-CHEMCAD (800-243-6223).

Contact Information

Cindy Clayton
Documentation Manager
Chemstations Inc.