Process Simulation Essentials for Undergraduate Education

Calling all Chemical Engineering academics!

Chemstations would like to invite professors, students, and all other interested parties to learn more about our new Process Simulation Essentials for Undergraduate Education program.

Professors in Chemical Engineering departments worldwide have communicated to us for many years that they want to teach "engineering" and not "process simulator usage." Students need to understand the tools they will use in industry, and have an interest in a well-rounded resume/CV. So in response, we've put together a library of materials suitable for use in academic curricula.

Chemstations makes a broad range of materials available to professors and students, including annotated example simulations, demonstration videos, and presentation slide decks.

Our CHEMCAD academic resources include:

  • Process Simulation Essentials - for Undergraduate Education
    • PowerPoint slides for instructor use
      • Slide notes included for suggested talking points
      • Use all or only those you choose
    • YouTube presentations including:
      • 1-hour introduction specifically for student audience
      • Short How-To Demos on commonly used features
      • 6 other 1-hour segments covering select topics in more detail
    • Simulation example files with notes
      • Divided into topics following typical ChemE curriculum
      • Automatically installed with CHEMCAD
      • PDF version available for review outside of program
  • Further Learning Recommendations
    • Websites to direct students with questions
    • Articles and books
  • Easy Licensing
    • Network licensing allows access from any student computer connecting to university computing networks
    • Full program capabilities, thermo models, and physical property database

These CHEMCAD tools can help reduce your teaching workload and empower your students:

  • Stop hearing "I couldn't get into the computer lab" as an excuse for incomplete assignments
  • Focus your time on developing course material instead of teaching simulator use
  • Get students up to speed on a powerful simulation tool quickly