Chemical Processing

CHEMCAD chemical engineering simulation software caters to a wide range of use cases in chemical processing projects.

Processing with CHEMCAD

In the chemical processing industry, engineering managers and project and process engineers frequently use CHEMCAD for tasks across the spectrum. Troubleshooting, de-bottlenecking,
and new process design are just a few of the capabilities CHEMCAD offers. With intuitive features and powerful enhancements, our software will ensure that you're well-placed to create significant value for your company. Industry applications for CHEMCAD include:

  • Specialty chemical processing
  • Commodity chemical processing
  • Toll processing
Chemical processing plant


  • Easily amend/update a flowsheet as necessary
  • Manage a wide range of processes
  • Handle small and large problems simultaneously
  • Use built-in tools to improve or adjust variables against criteria and goals


  • Large system database of standard components
  • Vast thermodynamics library
  • Insightful sensitivity studies
  • Process optimization tool
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“The one completed new plant is operating successfully. Because of the simulation model, it employs two columns in a distillation train that uses three in an older facility. This led to a capital cost savings of $250,000 for a single project.”

— Tony Nocera, Great Lakes Chemicals (now Chemtura)

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