Equipment Manufacturing

CHEMCAD's chemical engineering simulation technology streamlines your ability to design, validate, and benchmark key processes that enhance equipment manufacturing.

Manufacturing with CHEMCAD

CHEMCAD removes complexity from the chemical engineering equation for product development and process control engineers across the manufacturing spectrum. Our software has the features and functions to help you reach your ultimate goal. Equipment sizing, process sample design, control system design--all achievable on one interface. CHEMCAD serves companies such as:

  • Fuel cell manufacturers
  • Specialized membrane manufacturers
  • Custom dryer manufacturers
  • Specialized pump and liquid-ring compressor manufacturers
  • Analytical instrument suppliers
Manufacturing plant


  • Easily amend or update a flowsheet when required
  • Handle a wide range of processes
  • Use built-in tools to improve or adjust variables against criteria and goals
  • Produce detailed yet professional-looking reports


  • Piping network dynamic flow/momentum balances
  • User-added component creation
  • Custom unit operations in C, VBA, or Excel
  • Multiple workflow visualization formats
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“With a single CHEMCAD model using CC-THERM fouling factor calculations, utility costs were reduced 10% ($12,000/mo).”

— Firestone Polymers

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Don't let complex chemical engineering tasks get in the way of your company's manufacturing goals. See how process simulation can help you navigate various design and functional intricacies in CHEMCAD with a free trial.