Oil and Gas

With ever-ready technical support, engineers across the oil and gas industry use CHEMCAD to quickly address their process simulation needs.

CHEMCAD for Oil and Gas

Designed to be the most useful and intuitive software tool for process simulation, CHEMCAD caters to a range of vital areas across the oil and gas value chain. Whether you're a production or process engineer, you can model acid gas treating of natural gas, design LNG networks, and run refinery startup/shutdown scenarios. Industry applications for CHEMCAD include:

  • Gas separation/treating
  • LNG
  • Pipeline design
  • Refining
OIl & gas operation


  • Modify or update flowsheets as project needs change and evolve
  • Work through multiple straightforward or integrated tasks
  • Use built-in optimization and adjustment tools with ease
  • Anticipate and prevent potential project risks well in advance


  • Piping network dynamic flow/momentum balances
  • Robust, stable dynamic modeling
  • Smooth transition functionality between dynamic and steady-state modes
  • Built-in and customizable chemical components and unit operations
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“With CHEMCAD, it is unbelievable that I can accomplish in a day what used to take two or three weeks . . . Increasing capacity is the most important part of this project. By removing the stripper bottleneck, the combined annual steam and electrical savings are $320,000/year.”

— Terry Funkhauser, Texas Petrochemicals

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